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Key Components of Advanced First Aid Courses

When you sign up for advanced first aid courses in Sydney, you're stepping into a world where your actions could mean the difference between life and death. These courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to handle a variety of emergency situations. Here's what you can expect to learn:

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

  • Essential Life-Saving Skill: CPR is a crucial procedure that can save lives by restoring breathing and circulation to individuals who have experienced cardiac arrest.
  • Technique: You'll learn the correct hand placement, depth, and rhythm of chest compressions, as well as how to provide rescue breaths effectively.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

  • Operation: Training includes using an AED, a device that can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
  • Application: You'll practice attaching the AED pads correctly and following the device's prompts safely.


  • Priority Setting: In situations with multiple casualties, triage helps you prioritize who needs care first based on the severity of their conditions.
  • Decision Making: You'll learn to quickly assess victims to determine the order of treatment in a high-pressure environment.

Vital Signs

  • Monitoring: Recognizing and assessing vital signs like pulse, breathing rates, and levels of consciousness are key skills.
  • Interpretation: You'll learn what normal and abnormal vital signs look like and what they could indicate about a patient's condition.

Secondary Assessments

  • Detailed Evaluation: Beyond initial assessments, secondary evaluations help identify less obvious injuries or conditions.
  • Technique: Training includes conducting thorough head-to-toe checks and gathering medical history information when possible.

Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

  • Recognition: Identifying signs of severe allergic reactions quickly can be life-saving.
  • Treatment: You'll learn how to administer medications like epinephrine using auto-injectors (e.g., EpiPen).

Cardiac Conditions

  • Symptom Identification: Recognizing the signs of heart attacks and other cardiac conditions is critical.
  • Immediate Actions: Training covers the immediate steps to take when someone shows signs of a cardiac condition.


  • Care Techniques: You'll learn how to assess the severity of burns and provide appropriate first aid.
  • Prevention: Training also covers how to minimize further injury and infection risk.


  • Immobilization: Proper techniques for immobilizing broken bones can prevent further injury.
  • Support: You'll practice using splints and slings to support and protect injured limbs.

Mental Health

  • Crisis Support: First aid isn't just for physical injuries; you'll learn how to provide support in mental health crises.
  • Referral: Training includes recognizing when and how to refer individuals to professional mental health services.

Each of these components forms a critical part of the curriculum in advanced first aid courses in Sydney. By mastering these skills, you become a valuable asset in any emergency situation, capable of providing comprehensive care and potentially saving lives. The hands-on training and practical assessments ensure that you're not just learning in theory but are fully prepared to act confidently and effectively in real-world scenarios.

Online vs. Face-to-Face

The option for online learning is more important than ever. However, for advanced first aid training, a face-to-face component is essential for mastering practical skills. The HLTAID014 course offers the best of both worlds, with theory that can be completed online at your own pace and a day of face-to-face training for hands-on skills. This format ensures you're well-prepared, no matter what situation arises.

The right advanced first aid course will not only provide you with the knowledge and skills to handle emergency situations but also the confidence to act when it matters most. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional qualifications or simply want to be prepared to help others, the HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid course is a comprehensive choice that covers all the bases.

Join us at ReVIVA First Aid and Resuscitation Training Pty Ltd, where we're more than a training provider; we're your partner in mastering emergency situations. Together, we can make a difference.


First Aid Course Trainings

First Aid Course

Individual First Aid Training

  • Ideal for individuals looking to prepare themselves in case of an emergency
  • Training locations across Sydney
  • CPR (HLTAID009), First Aid (HLTAID011), Childcare First Aid (HLTAID012)
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Group First Aid

Group On-Site First Aid Training

  • Ideal for schools, employers to meet workplace first aid requirements and raise awareness for common medical emergencies like asthma and anaphylaxis.
  • Australia-wide - We will come to you
  • We also provide private group first aid training and industry-specific advanced first aid and fire warden courses.
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What Our Clients Say

We used Reviva last month for our annual CPR refresher and First Aid training. Honestly could not recommend them enough! I have sat through many First Aid training in the last 10 years and have come out feeling more nervous than prepared for any first aid incidents, but for once I felt like I actually understood everything and felt like I would be a confident first aid responder. The feedback from all my staff was 5 stars!

Lauren K

The best first aid course! Highly recommend to everyone!

Ana Carolina W

I have completed all my CPR and first aid training with Re:VIVA since 2002. They have always been energetic, informative, professional and fun! I recommend their training and services to everyone

Michelle Bridges